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Donate 8 hours of your time and skills to a charity, sponsor the event with goods or deeds or ask for help. Participate in 8-i!

Participating in 8-i is an inspiring and unique experience! Using your skills and collaborating with others to help out a charity is in no way similar to donating money. It will broaden your horizon and your network.

Donate your time and your creative skills

Photographers, illustrators, designers, filmers, writers, communication specialists, artists, marketing experts and other creative people who want to contribute their time and skills can join 8-i in their own city (or a city nearby). 

Participate in your own city

8 hours overtime in a good cause has no formal organization and 8-i is not an organization. In every city 8-i is organized by local enthusiasts and the event can be very different everywhere in the world. In whatever way you might want to contribute, please check out whether there are already organizers near you and contact them to sort things out.

Other ways to participate

If you have a location that fits the initiative, are a cook who can fill the stomachs of hungry creatives or a professional trainer that can help the representatives of the charities while they're waiting for the results, you're very welcome to participate! Sponsoring in goods or deeds is more than welcome. Also, if you're a representative of a charity that could use some help, don't hesitate to contact your nearby organizers

For any other questions, feel free to contact 8-i at


Header picture by Pieter van den Boogert: Participants in Utrecht (The Netherlands) in 2013. 

Group picture by Josélia Pedro: 8-i 2013 in Portalegre (Portugal).